Allan Taylor, Everest Street, Khandallah (September 2016)

“Over the last 12 months, Diane has demonstrated her undoubted qualities of leadership and commitment to the community. During this time Diane has established respected and valued working relationships with councillors, council officers and other resident associations. Her sound judgement, intellect and thoughtful viewpoint are qualities that we need on Council.

I commend Diane to you as a person who is deeply committed to the interests of all residents. Her own long-term residency here on the Onslow side of the ward is of material significance to her ability to represent us very well. She will get my #1 vote”

Christine Mitchell, Khandallah (September 2016)

Diane will be getting my vote for the Wellington City Council. Why?

She has been our neighbour for 16 years and, in that time, has shown, in many different ways, her capabilities.

There is no froth or bubble with Diane. She is honest and works hard. She approaches a task in a calm thoughtful way, watching the details, but always keeping in mind the big picture.

Her appraisal of any situation is always fair and balanced and her suggestions, when problem solving, are carefully considered.

Diane is passionate about her community and has demonstrated this by becoming more and more involved. Now she is standing for Council I, for one, will be giving her my Number One vote.