Communities Working Together

Last year I brought my local community together so that our voice was heard by Council. The group that was formed (Khandallah Residents Group) mobilised almost 500 submissions within a couple of months. Council was forced to listen and change their plans for a better solution.  As part of this activity, I reached out to other communities (Johnsonville , Karori and Island Bay) facing similar issues.  Communities right across the city want to work together to get the best for Wellington.

I am pleased to also get the support for my Onslow-Western ward candidacy from two key contributors from the Island Bay community.

Jane Byrne

“I have got to know Diane through her work with the Khandallah Residents Group and her own  advocacy around medium density housing and cycleway impacts in our suburbs.  Diane has spoken out clearly and strongly about Council’s need to significantly improve community engagement, transparency and governance processes. These issues are close to the core of the matter that we face in Island Bay around our cycleway. Diane has shared with and supported our challenge and I know she will effectively work with her Council colleagues if elected to the  Onslow-Western ward.

Diane will make a great Councillor for her ward and city.”

Vicki Greco

“I met Diane late last year when she got in touch to talk about Council proposals for medium density housing in our suburbs. Like us she was concerned about the lack of information and genuine engagement with the community; and “fait accompli’ plans from Council. Earlier this year, her local community were also faced with an ‘Island Bay” cycleway on Hutt Rd. I know she has worked hard at representing the issues and advocating well for her local community on both matters. Diane has also liaised with us and developed a good inter-community relationship, that I’m sure will continue.

I support Diane in her standing for Council in her local ward of Onslow-Western as we need more representatives that will champion, early on, listening to and getting the appropriate communities involved.”

island-bay-cycleway map-khandallah-walking-catchments


Lets support cat de-sexing programmes instead of microchipping bylaws

Desexing kittens is a more effective option than making microchipping compulsory.

For me as a local candidate for Wellington City Council (Onslow-Western), I think Council’s priority and resourcing should be first focused on de-sexing and education. Desexing of kittens has an immediate beneficial impact and reduces the numbers of stray cats at source.
If people are struggling now to desex their cats/kittens then they are certainly not going to be able to afford microchipping.
Wouldn’t it be more effective and better value for money for Wellington City Council to support organisations such as Kitten Inn on a desexing programme?
Thanks to Kitten Inn and their supporters for launching this great initiative which will do more for the environment and the wellbeing of cats and kittens than any bylaw will. #VoteCalvert4OnslowWesternkitten

Saving our CBD parks – Frank Kitts and Jack Ilott Green

I could never understand why we are spending money on redeveloping Frank Kitts park and then wanting to sell off Jack Ilott for roughly the same cost.

The redevelopment of Frank Kitts park seems to have been brought about by the need to accomodate the Chinese Walled garden (funded in part by the Chinese community). I think there are other more appropriate places for this garden eg Jack Ilott Green, Botanic gardens or even the original Chinese quarter around Haining & Frederick Sts. I support saving Frank Kitts Park. Vote ‎Calvert4OnslowWestern

There is an online petition available where you can express your support also.

Frank Kitts Park

HOW will Wellington’s new Mayor LEAD the Council to deliver?



We need to make more progress on the things that really matter to Wellingtonians. The incoming mayor will have the opportunity to set a new agenda and the pace for progress in our city. However the Mayor will still have only one vote amongst 15 around the table.

Wellingtonians know the current Council’s culture is not right and will impact on progress. Let’s just acknowledge it and then agree on what we want to see, how we will get there and when. Councillors need to be part of the solution as they are part of the team and leaders and influencers in their own right. (more…)

Building communities not just houses in Wellington- a 21st century approach

Wellington City and harbour

Finally the conversation here in Wellington seem to be changing from just a numbers game in building ‘widgets’ to building communities were people want to live.

We all know our current urban planning rules are not working well for residents or developers. Intensification, for more housing choice, needs to continue however it must be done right for the future.  This means putting people first and joined up thinking for other aspects such as infrastructure, public amenities, public transport and enhancing the community vibe. Until now, people and how they want to live and what they may afford have not been at the heart of discussions. (more…)

Karori in limbo

If I’m elected to Wellington City Council in the Onslow-Western ward, I will bring back a focus of ensuring that the Council carries out its plan to upgrade Karori Town Centre.Karori Road

Over a year ago this was stated and endorsed by Council as being a “flagship project” so should have been well on the way. Local ward councillors need to make it a priority ‘on their watch’. It has taken too long already and the Council has not enabled the level of public participation you would expect to see. The current piecemeal approach does not support a cohesive plan.


I declare my love for Wellington (What I stand for)

Follow me on  and choose me as your #1 for the Onslow-Western ward._Diane Calvert_7420

It’s time for a change and to get some real progress on the things that really matter to Wellingtonians such as; sorting out the traffic bottle neck between the tunnels (cut & cover and double tunnel), keeping any rate increases aligned to inflation, develop our surburban town/village centres not the airport extension, make our CBD more vibrant through better shared spaces and activities for people, being open for business growth and moving traffic out of the way; and get Council to buy more from local businesses. Save Jack Ilott Green and don’t waste our rates on deconstructing Frank Kitts park.


“A collective mistake”

“A collective mistake” is no laughing matter.Concept of fear with businessman like an ostrich

It’s fascinating to hear the Mayor “sharing the love” for the Island Bay cycleway decisions, how others such as Andy Foster (being one of the key supporters and Chair of the Transport and Urban Development -TUD Committee) showing little sympathy and some Councillors being quick to show they were not at fault. Yes a good learning experience all around. But is it? (more…)