My Priorities_Diane Calvert_7420

I will deliver improved leadership, genuine community engagement, and value for money focusing on:



Communities’ Needs

City assets and services

City Assets & Services

Transport Options

Transport Options

  • Housing –  better quality solutions and a District Plan fit for our suburbs, instead of ‘Medium Density Housing Rules’
  • Town centres – getting Karori and Johnsonville redevelopments back on track
  • Local business growth – more targeted support and focus especially for Tech & Tertiary
  • Karori Campus – secure for the community



  • Public spaces – protect Jack Ilott green, Frank Kitts park, Town Hall, waterfront and our green spaces
  • Core services and infrastructure – fit for residents’ needs e.g. streetlights, paths, water
  • No airport runway extension unless it proves to be viable (which is not looking likely)
  • Expenditure review – ensuring value for ratepayers


  • SH1 – improved route under the CBD
  • Public transport – keeping pace with our city’s needs
  • Cycleways as part of a balanced transport solution