I declare my love for Wellington (What I stand for)

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It’s time for a change and to get some real progress on the things that really matter to Wellingtonians such as; sorting out the traffic bottle neck between the tunnels (cut & cover and double tunnel), keeping any rate increases aligned to inflation, develop our surburban town/village centres not the airport extension, make our CBD more vibrant through better shared spaces and activities for people, being open for business growth and moving traffic out of the way; and get Council to buy more from local businesses. Save Jack Ilott Green and don’t waste our rates on deconstructing Frank Kitts park.


“A collective mistake”

“A collective mistake” is no laughing matter.Concept of fear with businessman like an ostrich

It’s fascinating to hear the Mayor “sharing the love” for the Island Bay cycleway decisions, how others such as Andy Foster (being one of the key supporters and Chair of the Transport and Urban Development -TUD Committee) showing little sympathy and some Councillors being quick to show they were not at fault. Yes a good learning experience all around. But is it? (more…)