HOW will Wellington’s new Mayor LEAD the Council to deliver?



We need to make more progress on the things that really matter to Wellingtonians. The incoming mayor will have the opportunity to set a new agenda and the pace for progress in our city. However the Mayor will still have only one vote amongst 15 around the table.

Wellingtonians know the current Council’s culture is not right and will impact on progress. Let’s just acknowledge it and then agree on what we want to see, how we will get there and when. Councillors need to be part of the solution as they are part of the team and leaders and influencers in their own right.

As a resident, business owner and independent local candidate for the Onslow-Western ward, I am keen to hear from our mayoral candidates how they intend to govern the city and lead a new group of councillors. In other words more about the “how” and less of the “what”. In the meantime, I have some initial thoughts and offer them up as follows (in no particular order);

  • Collaborate – find the common ground and support the building of good working relationships throughout Council and with communities
  • Clarity – establish an agreed high level 3 year work program and ensure Councillors and the Council Executive are clear on their roles, what they are accountable for and how they will be measured
  • Support – look at ways for how the Council Executive can better support the Mayor and Councillors in their governance and elected community representative roles
  • Culture – establish a shared governance culture based on values and behaviours to guide decisions and performance. A code of conduct could then be relegated to the “bottom drawer”.

What do you think?

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