Lets support cat de-sexing programmes instead of microchipping bylaws

Desexing kittens is a more effective option than making microchipping compulsory.

For me as a local candidate for Wellington City Council (Onslow-Western), I think Council’s priority and resourcing should be first focused on de-sexing and education. Desexing of kittens has an immediate beneficial impact and reduces the numbers of stray cats at source.
If people are struggling now to desex their cats/kittens then they are certainly not going to be able to afford microchipping.
Wouldn’t it be more effective and better value for money for Wellington City Council to support organisations such as Kitten Inn on a desexing programme?
Thanks to Kitten Inn and their supporters for launching this great initiative which will do more for the environment and the wellbeing of cats and kittens than any bylaw will. #VoteCalvert4OnslowWesternkitten

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