3 Year Vison and Plans

3 Year Vision and Plans

When I announced my mayoral campaign on 12th August 2019, my priorities were founded on things that I had observed and what many Wellingtonians were telling me. Many of you have said that the current approach by the incumbent Mayor is not what is best for the city.

My priorities are based on a cohesive and connected set plans that will focus on delivering and not just telling you what needs to be delivered. It is good to see that some other Mayoral candidates have picked up on some of my ideas from my distributed information and the recent debates. Below is my vision, 100 work day plan and my planned three-year achievements.

I will move things along at pace and you will see real progress throughout the next three years.

My vision at the end of three years (2021)

Wellington will be the place of choice for NZs to visit at any time of the year with Te Ngākau civic square being a beacon of activity throughout the day and evening.

We will be able to move around the city freely and it will be a city of wonderful surprises for all. You will be able to catch a bus and it will be on time and there will be room for you to get on.

We will have a strong resilient housing boom and our local suburban centres will be just as important as our city centre.

We have reduced our carbon emissions and our waste going into landfills.

Wellington city will be a key part of a regional based spatial plan for future housing, transport hubs and business areas not constrained by artificial boundaries on a map.

How will I do all of this

  • Stronger direction – We can’t keep adding to the Council’s work programme, not delivering and not taking anything off the list. I will keep a firm hand on our projects so we can deliver the big stuff like the Civic Square revitalisation, more housing, quality infrastructure, and a stronger economy.
  • Stronger levels of transparency and engagement “When you talk and I listen, I won’t respond by telling you what you want to hear only to ignore you later or keep you in the dark, I’ll actually do what I say and share information as soon as I can ”
  • Courage to admit if we have got it wrong – Council doesn’t always get things right. If we have a chance to pause and relook at a matter, then we need to do that. Shelly Bay is an example and I will be ensuring the incoming Council gets independent advice on options. 

First 100 days

For me it starts with a different style of leadership allowing for the skills and expertise of all Councillors to be fully utilised and that public feedback from the campaign period will be incorporated right at the start. There will be no space for party politics or any specific group of supporters driving Council’s agenda. Getting things done will take more than just the Mayor and one or two councillors. We are in this together.

I will set a more inclusive and accountable leadership style and lead the Council to focus on the priority areas of Transport, Housing and the economy over the first 12 months.

The priority areas will each incorporate a lens of resilience & climate action that will underpin actions, activities and monitoring.

1. How We Deliver – Leadership

  • Strategy– set up a new triennium plan and review current planned expenditure with all elected members and senior officers
  • Governance – I will streamline and reduce the number of individual councillor held portfolios and create working committees to improve guidance and monitor progress on the city’s priority areas of Housing & Urban Development, Economy & Creativity, & Transport & infrastructure. To ensure we are inclusive and are guided by expert opinion, I will extend membership to iwi, community based experts and the Youth Council for them to be part of the decision making. Resilience & climate action initiatives will be strongly embedded in all portfolios and committees.
  • Set up new Advisory Groups– I will set up three new community advisory groups (Ethnic community, Older persons and Climate Change Action) to provide strategic guidance and expert opinion into council’s planning and services.
  • Zero Carbon – I will bring forward the development of our action plan for a Zero Carbon capital with the emphasis on pragmatic and incremental change for Wellingtonians. The first actions will be in place and centre on internal Council operations
  • Engagement – I will require officers to review and report back on the low voting turnout and lack of public engagement and what actions and measures we can put in place to significantly lift our performance.

2. Transport

  • Public Bus Service– Work with NZTA and the incoming Greater Wellington Regional Council to set-up a leadership group to oversee current and future bus service delivery and improvements to give Wellingtonians the service they want and deserve
  • Let’s Get Welly Moving– I will convene a meeting with all Mayors from the region and NZTA to review progress on early improvements, funding and the sequencing of the SH1 improvements including a duplicate Mt Victoria tunnel. The outcome will be to speed up delivery of improved cycling and walking within the CBD and through the tunnels; and reduce congestion of bus transport and other vehicles along the SH1 route
  • Commercial e-scooter and bikes- all scooters and bikes must be left in designated parks with some car parking removed to provide suitable areas.

3. Open for Business and the Arts

  • Business Taskforce -Collaborate with business owners from around the CBD to agree on an action plan (including setting new Economic and Events strategies) and practical steps the city can take to support the city’s growth through Council services (including WellingtonNZ), funding arrangements, partnerships, engagement, rating, events and regulatory processes
  • Easter Trading Hours– a review and council decision on 2020 easter trading laws
  • CBD activation -Te Ngākau Civic square -Develop up a plan to regularly activate the area – day and evening to bring people back into the square for 2020
  • Central library and Te Ngākau Civic square – make publicly available reports on the status of the buildings and options going forward
  • Arts and Culture Strategy – Complete the review and update the strategy to provide a clear framework to better guide Council’s vision, involvement and support of the creative sector.

4. Housing

  • Strategy – Complete a stocktake on Council’s current progress against its Housing strategy and identify further levers to speed up activities across the housing spectrum from home ownership to social housing
  • Building Consents process – Report back on performance of building consent process and options for improvement to get more quality housing consented efficiently

After three years – my achievements will be on:

1. Our city is moving

    • Buses– The bus network will be reliable and sufficient growth capacity. We will have a strong working relationship with the Regional council
    • Cycleways – All current planned cycleways will be completed
    • Golden Mile -The Golden mile will have all non-essential parking removed creating a better space for pedestrians and active modes of transport
    • SH1 improvements– An approved business case and near commencement of a second Mt Victoria tunnel and Basin improvements will be in place supported by NZTA and the region’s mayors

2. We are open for Business and the arts

    • Effective strategies -There will be a cohesive suite of strategies with clear action plans with milestone dates in place across Economic development, Events and Arts and Culture
    • Weekend parking will have been reviewed
    • Social Procurement -The Council will have a local and ethical policy using Council’s buying power for good
    • Creative capital – we will have reclaimed the “crown”
    • Council venues– increased affordability and availability of venues will be able to be accessed by local artists and performers.

3. We are building connected communities

    • More houses– Suitable greenfield and brownfield areas will have been identified with a special delivery model (supported by Government) to deliver new housing on scale. New developments will be supported by infrastructure and public transport
    • Inner city apartments– There will be an agreed plan with government to support strengthening of existing inner city residential dwellings on priority routes
    • Intensification– There will be clear design guidelines on appropriate intensification, respecting suburb’s unique characters
    • Suburban upgrade programme– There will be a suburban upgrade programme in place similar to the current CBD laneway programme to revitalise areas
    • Building consents will be processed and monitored effectively meeting agreed service levels 

4. Improving How We Deliver

    • More Service centres– There will be a network of service centres across the city instead of the current one CBD location
    • Community Centres– the network of community centres will be better funded to deliver more services in our suburbs
    • Think regionally, act locally Along with other local Mayors we will have developed a regional based coordinated plan for future housing, transport hubs and business areas so we aren’t constrained by artificial boundaries on a map for the good of the whole region
    • Resilience and climate change – we have reduced our carbon emissions and waste to landfill by a minimum of 10% on 2019 levels with a plan in place to make increased reductions in the following three years.
    • Rate increases- general rate increases will not exceed more than 4% per year (lower than currently budgeted for)

5. Our city’s heart and soul saved

    • Te Ngākau civic square  -There will be a clear plan for the redevelopment of Te Ngākau civic square and work will be underway across all sites – the library, city to sea bridge, Civic Administration building and the Municipal Office Building. The return of Capital E will be incorporated into plans
    • Town Hall – The town hall strengthening will be well underway and on target
    • Civic Square activated – There will be regular events held in and around the square showcasing the city’s creativity
    • Central Library services– We will continue to have at least three locations providing central library services ( Manners St, Lambton Quay and Molesworth St) and if feasible, we will also have a location in the existing Central library subject to repair work.
Diane Calvert Wellington City Councillor

“By working collaboratively together we will bring more progress for our city”