Improving How We Deliver

Improving How We Deliver

  • More collaboration in council  services to improve delivery out to our local communities
  • Speed up council  initiatives to reduce carbon emissions
  • More insight and collaboration with Wellingtonians across all ages, cultures and abilities
  • A realistic work programme focussed on results, not virtue signalling
  • A governance structure for Wellington, not councillors – streamline how we deliver

When I first stood for Council, three years ago, I stood on the basis of helping the Council improve “how” it went about its business. If we get better at the “how’ then we can do more of the “what”. Improvements have been made to how we engage and how we govern but there is much more to do.

Council engaging with the community is more than how it engages on plans and issues. It is also about we connect with communities on a daily basis through the many services provided such as libraries, community centres and customer contact centres. With the recent temporary closure of the main library, an unexpected bonus has been longer opening hours in some of our suburban libraries.

Vibrant suburban communities are crucial to a city that values diversity and provides choice. Council provides a network of suburban libraries and community facilities to help deliver some of its core services. However there are lost opportunities in providing better customer services in the community. We need to ensure our suburban facilities work more closely together and share some of the resources from the CBD back out to our suburbs e.g. Customer Services in the suburbs not just in the CBD. Our community centres are also well skilled in delivering locally based social support but they often struggle with getting access and funding to shared back room services such as IT, HR, Property management and financial resources.

As Mayor, I will reprioritise funding and extend Council services out to the suburbs with customer service centres, extended library hours and more support for community centres.


The Mayor and Councillors are the elected representatives of the city’s citizens. However we are more than just representatives. We are also the governors that set the strategic direction, set policies, monitor progress and hold the Chief Executive to account for delivery. We expect our city’s services to be run effectively and so the governing council needs also to operate in this way, have the skills to do so and not to continue to over promise and under deliver. It can’t continue to be “do as I say but not as I do”.

Councils represent and govern so as Mayor or Councillor you need to be able to do both. Often the level of governance skills required does preclude younger people or people with non-governance skills. To overcome any weaknesses in representation, we need to ensure we have greater insight into the various communities we represent. I will increase support for Council’s advisory groups ensuring key parts of our community (including the elderly and our diverse ethnic communities) are better supported to provide their expert opinion into council’s planning and operations.

The council currently has an over subscribed work plan. As Mayor I will work with councillors and the Chief Executive to ensure we have a balanced and realistic work plan and remove the virtue signalling projects that detract from the core business.

Getting things done should take more than just the Mayor and one or two councillors. We are in this together. I will streamline and reduce the number of individual councillor held portfolios and create working committees on the city’s priority areas of Housing, Resilience, Economy & Creativity, & Transport. I will extend membership to iwi, community based experts and the Youth Council for them to be part of the decision making and have full voting rights.

“By working collaboratively together we will bring more progress for our city”