Saving our city’s heart and soul

Saving our city’s heart and soul

  • Take Te Ngākau Civic square off life support and get it activated once more
  • Get the library and key council services back in the square
  • Re-imagine and re-generate civic square as the new people-centre of Wellington from the near vacant lot it has become

Our Civic Square was given a new name in 2017 – Te Ngākau Civic Square – to signify it is the heart and soul of the city. However since then has slipped into is a coma. We need to awaken our city’s heart and find creative ways to activate the area even on a temporary basis. I will do this by more physical activation in the area through performers, artists, visual displays.

I will also ensure Te Ngākau Civic Square’s connection with the sea is not forgotten. I will retain the connection to Frank Kitts Park and its open public space and events area. The planned cultural garden will be found an appropriate place that will be clearly signalled as an important part of the heritage of our city.

But that’s easy in the big scheme of things.

We know sea levels will rise and the earth will continue to move. We could retreat but I want us to listen to the experts, harness good engineering and adapt to the change just like cities such as Rotterdam and Tokyo have done so for many hundreds of years.

The Council has temporarily moved its main administration to The Terrace. This is not the right place for it in the long term. The community connection it had with all Wellingtonians has been lost. As Mayor I will plan to bring back the Council to be nearer to Te Ngākau Civic Square .

What could Te Ngākau Civic Square really be? A new heart with a new life. We need to talk and find ways to;

  • bring more people to live, work and play in the heart of Wellington
  • re-imagine civic square as the new people-centre of Wellington from the near vacant lot it has become.
  • be smart in how we build in resilience and pay for it
  • show the world what regeneration really means and how we can do it in stages.

“By working collaboratively together we will bring more progress for our city”