I am standing for Council in the October 2022 local government elections

I first stood for Council, not for any political reasons, but to help the Council do better at listening and engaging with its local communities. I’m all for getting consensus across a broad range of views and to make sure all Wellingtonians are heard. Now more than ever, this is what this council needs as it can’t continue on the path its been on in recent years.

Thank you to the many of you (my family in particular) that have supported me over the past six years for my work on Council.  You have asked me to seek re-election to continue to give, the city’s Western and Onslow residents and businesses, a pragmatic and experienced voice on Council. You are telling me that the Council needs to focus on the basics and that Liveability and Livelihoods need to be at the core of what Council does.

I would like the opportunity to continue to work towards what many are you telling should be the city’s priorities;

  • Homes and neighbourhoods being better planned, connected and delivered
  • Restoring the vibrancy, enthusiasm and livelihoods within our central city
  • Doing basics well for the future – getting our city’s pipes and infrastructure fixed and not necessarily relying on any 3 waters reform to do so: and doing what Councils do best in providing parks, community and recreation facilities, street lighting, paths and pavements

I will continue to support our local communities and neighbourhoods in making their parts of the city better, whether that be saving Khandallah Pool, getting a footpath and steps built where one didn’t exist, getting a safer school crossing in place, championing improvements to the Karori town centre and making sure our recreation facilities are there for the future.

There is no doubt that the past three years have been extremely challenging for all with the impacts of Covid, inflationary pressures and the elephant in the room– how the council operates. Out of adversity comes opportunity and greater knowledge. I believe there is an overwhelming recognition from everyone that we need to work differently together, so we can deliver better on what Wellingtonians really want.

I have also been energised by a number of new candidates for Council, some yet to formally announce, looking for similar change and, crucially, to work together to deliver that change. Matt Mclauglin, a local Wadestown resident and business owner is one of those people who has recently announced he is standing for Council. He will be a great addition to the elected Council.

Your support is a privilege for which I will work hard to continue to earn and retain, so as to make Wellington, the city of choices for us now and into the future.

I know the real issues in my local area and the broader issues across the city. I bring to the table an in-depth knowledge of council systems, a wide network of working relationships that I have built up; and a pragmatic and competent voice to Council.

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