Being Independent

When I first stood for Wellington City council six years ago, I had no ‘campaign’ experience & knew little about the ‘politics’ of the situation. I just wanted to bring my skills and experience to stand up for and represent my community and to put the city first. For me, it was just as important on HOW we did things as to WHAT was decided.
I am very grateful to those current & ex elected members from across the political spectrum who generously shared their experience & advice with me.
As a newbie, it’s daunting on how you can cover an area with 15,000+ homes without a ‘party’ funding machine & campaigning team. Just look at how the political parties have their door knocking crews out and about now.
Fast forward 6 yrs & I’m now in a position to pay forward that knowledge of local body politics and campaigning. It’s a different environment now as party politics controlled out of the Beehive or by a political party’s HO is much stronger. I’ve seen this played out extensively over the past 3 yrs along with attempts to undermine/deter the independents. Social media and main street media are also being used far more to try & influence (& more sinisterly to undermine democracy).
To help bring back some balance to the Council & to help restore a level playing field, I am pleased (along with some other colleagues) to have helped some new independents (with good skills, experience & personal attributes) with varying degrees of campaigning advice – such as what collateral is needed, how to door knock, the intricacies of Council decisions and how to make your signs strong enough to stand up to Wgtn’s wind! 🌬.
The common threads weaving through is that many independents want to; stop the arrogance of a voting block on Council not listening to Wellingtonians, bring a more unified consensus to decisions and start to deliver what Wellingtonians say is a priority.
The Council and the city needs a reset both in culture and priorities.
It’s clear that some of the Greens, Labour & TOP are still working towards another voting bloc that has worked to the detriment of the city over the past 3 years (it got a few wobbles a year ago which actually helped the city and shows what more independent thought can bring).
So if you don’t want more of the same and are considering who to vote for, give a thought to those who;
💛 have the skills & strength to apply independent & pragmatic thought & leadership
💛 will listen to you, give you a voice & hear you respectfully
💛 put the city’s interests first & above any political party requirements
💛 are prepared to work to bring unity to both the Council and Wellingtonians
💛 will use the evidence, feedback & the real facts to make decisions in the interests of all Wellingtonians & our businesses.