My Plans

My plans for Wellington will ensure we make progress and do what’s best for Wellington.

Here are my key priority areas with Getting the buses sorted as my #1.

Strong engagement, creativity, resilience, financial and environmental sustainability all underpin my plans for Wellington city

Getting our City Moving

  • Sort the bus network out for our city, my number 1 priority
  • Pedestrianise the golden mile and support local business through transition
  • No more secret deals on Transport
  • Deliver real improvements from the CBD to the east, making it better in 5, not 20 years
  • Get the 2nd Terrace and Mt Victoria Tunnels and widening Ruahine St/Wellington Rd back on the agenda sooner

Open for Business and the Arts

  • Better partnering with business for the benefit of all Wellingtonians
  • Dial back the last increase on business rates for a fairer rating system
  • 3 hours free parking on a Sunday
  • Local and ethical Council purchasing, using Council’s buying power for good
  • A Convention Centre for a growing and events focused Wellington
  • More use of Council owned venues and services to support local artists and performers
  • Nurture the creativity of children- enhance and bring back Capital E to Te Ngākau Civic square


Building Connected Communities

  • A Council proactively pursuing more housing for all and not waiting for a government deal
  • Remove the unnecessary delays in completion of building consents
  • Appropriate intensification, respecting suburbs’ unique characters
  • Revitalise suburban centres through funding for community-led planning and delivery

Improving How We Deliver

  • More collaboration in council  services to improve delivery out to our local communities
  • Speed up council controlled initiatives to reduce carbon emissions
  • More insight and collaboration with Wellingtonians across all ages, cultures and abilities
  • A realistic work programme focussed on results, not virtue signalling
  • A governance structure for Wellington, not councillors – streamline how we deliver


Saving our city’s heart and soul

  • Take Te Ngākau Civic square off life support and get it activated once more
  • Get the library and key council services back in the square
  • Re-imagine and re-generate civic square as the new people-centre of Wellington from the near vacant lot it has become

“By working collaboratively together we will bring more progress for our city”