My priorities are set against a backdrop of strong community involvement and engagement

  • Reset the priorities of council to ensure it does the basics well – pipes, paths, parks & utilities
  • Neighbourhood plans for timely, & better aligned infrastructure & facilities planning to support connected communities and more affordable housing
  • Restore the vibrancy and pride in our central city to better support more people, businesses & the arts

Key Policies

Climate Change & Resilience

  • Support and advocate to the Regional Council for improved delivery of a reliable, flexible & frequent public bus transport,
  • Develop a package with government to help strengthen and or redevelop earthquake prone buildings
  • Take a climate change mitigation/adaption lens across all Council policies/ strategies/ decisions




  • Continue to support the city’s implementation of waste reduction (eg green waste collection)
  • Fix the sewerage network that infiltrates and pollutes our streams and harbours
  • Support Zealandia, the network of WCC gardens & scenic reserves to grow and improve the strength of the city’s biodiversity



 Planning and Housing

  • Regionalise the consenting processes for consistency & efficiency of practice, demonstrating the city is “open for business & housing”
  • Re-introduce neighbourhood/precinct planning for a cohesive approach to deliver more affordable homes & a good mix of connected transport & other facilities
  • Partner with tertiaries & developers to upgrade & add to student accommodation, providing healthier & more affordable housing

Jobs & economy

  • Enable growth in the productivity & desirability of the central city, through intensification, diversification & improved vibrancy (culture, arts, retail, hospo)
  • Advocate with government to sustain and grow our research, screen, digital and tech industries (re – immigration settings, training, incentives etc)
  • Establish a physical incubator hub for creativity
  • Provide good infrastructure & housing



Recreation & Culture

  • Provide sufficient funding to maintain good levels of service for all our pools, parks and community facilities
  • Provide accessible and affordable performing arts space for “grassroots” arts & cultural performance and events
  • Extend Council services out to the suburbs with customer service centres, extended library hours and more support for community centres




  • Introduce shared governance with GWRC & Waka Kotahi/NZTA to lead & improve the city’s bus network
  • Adjust the settings of the LGWM partnership & project delivery to bring forward the Basin improvements and the second Mt Vict tunnel
  • Replan and reschedule LGWM Golden Mile changes to enable a more cohesive, affordable and sequenced plan for pedestrians, PT & local businesses
  • WCC to lead LGWM city projects for faster delivery & alignment with neighbourhood planning

Infrastructure & Services

  • Plan, & partner to deliver infrastructure- pipes, electricity, housing, transport & community facilities to meet future needs
  • Advocate for significant new investment in the city’s electricity network (privately owned) to support greater decarbonisation
  • Increase the funding to improve capacity and capability to deliver quicker and additional water infrastructure renewals and upgrades
  • Increase street cleaning and graffiti removal services
  • Investigate bringing back in-house capability for minor infrastructure maintenance (City Works)




Rates & Revenue

  • Reassess the rating policy to ensure fairness of funding and benefits across residential and commercial ratepayers
  • Adjust the current funding strategy to ensure it is fit for purpose and able to support the delivery of the priorities of Council
  • Assess council investments to ensure they can deliver the level of return expected, in conjunct







Democracy & Decision making

  • Deliver on improving residents’ satisfaction rating with Council’s decision making
  • Establish a Council ethnic advisory team to provide coordinated and improved delivery of Council services to ethnic communities
  • Participate in local govt reforms including broader regionalisation of representation and services.
  • Support an improved governance model and organisational support for elected members